Sam Hyde


Sam believes technology and customer service is an ecosystem of complex components where impact to one component (positive or negative) influences the whole. Sam has a proven track record of navigating complex systems to provide a clear view of the situation and looks for a way to make things better.  Sam believes customer experience is the only thing that matters as it builds trust with the people who work with him. Sam looks to understand the problems customers face, how to resolve and find solutions to these problems – which Sam call value. Sam effectively maps the cost to provide this value and starts to make smart decisions about managing risk and reward. Communication at all levels of the business is something Sam excels at and his management style is calm and decisive.  What excites and motivates Sam each day is helping people.

rachael mitchell

Working at Ascent

We are always on the lookout for excellent client-facing consultants that are reliable, have a great delivery reputation and good personality.

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