The path to digital and cloud adoption is well established and plenty of business benefits to be gained with a well thought out Digital Strategy.  This strategy could mean many different things of course but the bottom line is usually customers wanting to electronically and more efficiently engage with consumers on line – as an easier method of carrying out business.  Most of our day to day services have an on line method of buying and consuming services.  In years gone by, this used to be viewed as an alternative channel for engaging customers but now is probably the preferred method for most corporate businesses in NZ.

Same applies for cost savings to businesses as well.  A digital strategy helps to not only engage with consumers on line but is also a more efficient method of managing their ICT expenditure – examples include licencing, file storage and traditional server costs.  Moving services to the cloud is a common project for Ascent and there tends to be less and less on premise applications and hardware being replaced these days.  Instead, there is a general trend of migrating applications and storage needs all to the cloud.

Even with the migration to digital and cloud, customer service and personal contact remains extremely important.  A forward thinking Digital Strategy has to also consider service interaction needs, support and customer feedback mechanisms, to ensure that digital channels meet or exceed customer expectations.

It’s going to be another busy year of Digital and Cloud Adoption for all customers.