Ascent is in the middle of supporting COVID19 operations.  It’s an incredibly stressful time for all involved and supporting thousands of New Zealanders seeking information, support and financial assistance.  For us, this is a privilege to be a part of this essential operation to help New Zealanders get back on their feet.

Our business is fortunate to be able to support both the public and private sector.  And for many companies and government agencies, the project pipelines continue to look healthy, despite the past 4-6 weeks.

The biggest challenge will be re-adjusting to a calendar year and working conditions where we have effectively lost 6 weeks of being in office.  And how do we bring forward the projects that have been pushed back due to DR and BCP for COVID19.

Ascent believes there be a massive push for more Cloud and Digital Operations to support all businesses – to enable staff to work anywhere, any time and on any device.  The ‘new normal’ may in fact involve a lot less time at the office!

A key message – continue to be positive, supportive and kind to Kiwis that are seeking work.