As an organisation, Ascent looked at the ways we could reduce the size of our carbon footprint: we have team members that bike to work, for the most part we work from home, and we all recycle. But what we hadn’t done was plant trees! This seemed like a great way to reduce our emissions, while making our community more beautiful.

So, on Friday the 25th of August, the Ascent team teamed up with the Brooklyn Trail Builders (BTB) to contribute to their efforts in regenerating the bush in Pohill Reserve.

We had a great time and planted over 300 hundred native trees. A sunny day combined with some of the best views of the city made for a great afternoon. It certainly felt like an achievement, and felt good to know we were contributing to this beautiful part of our city, while helping to protect our environment. We are planning on returning in February to clear the blackberry and take off the green protective covers. We are all hooked on this great endeavour.









Also worth noting, thanks to the work of community volunteers trapping introduced predators, Pohill has a healthy spillover of native birds from the nearby Zealandia sanctuary. So, if you haven’t walked or biked these hills, we highly recommend you do! It really is a gem only minutes from Wellington City!